The Department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics, established in 1988, is concerned with facial growth and the development of the dentition & occlusion and prevention & correction of occlusal anomalies. A solid understanding of orthodontics is an essential prerequisite to treatment planning in children and in the management of adult dentition.
The academic program for undergraduates includes problem based learning, case based learning, wire bending skills, fabrication of removable appliance wire components, clinical examination of the patients, seminars and academic deliberations in power point format utilizing state of the art projectors and visualizers.
The aspects of orthodontics are covered by wide number of activities which are preventive, interceptive, corrective & surgical. It is a course of 5 years for undergraduate candidates which lead to bachelor of Dental Surgery degree awarded by this college.
Multidisciplinary Patient Care: We believe in holistic approach towards patient care and do not limit our thinking only towards orthodontic treatment. Necessary referrals are made to concerned departments and to medical hospital. Special referrals are also made to ENT, Pediatric and Skin departments.

Group discussion method
Chair side discussion of case history
Practical classes.

CORE COMPETENCIES Study model analysis
Cephalometric analysis
To understand the basics of growth and development, diagnosis
To fabricate components of removable appliances.

Services offered by our department includes removable & fixed orthodontic treatment appliances, in wide range options like metal & ceramic brackets. Includes correction of skeletal malocclusion using orthopedic & myofunctional appliances for growing patients & surgical option for adult patients. Also facilitates esthetic treatment option for high profile patients with clear aligners

1 Dr Harieesha K B MDS., Professor & Head
2 Dr.Naveen M MDS., Reader Profile
3 Dr.Salika Ayesha MDS., Reader Profile
4 Dr Manjunath B MDS Asst. Professor
5 Dr Santhosh K V BDS Lecturer